Denier Studio offers the following services by appointment:

CONE WINDING - We are able split cones for you depending on your project needs. The price determined by the yarn type and time it will take.

Eg: if it’s a superfine or stretchy yarn and it will take some time to wind we charge a minimum of 1hr (£15.50) to book out the hour so there’s plenty of time to do all your winding. There is an additional 20p charge per cone you need from us.
Please email us to make a winding appointment at:

DARNING YARN - If you need a very small amount of yarn to fix your knitwear we can do a small wrapping for £2 from any of the yarns available in store.

YARN CONSULTANCY - We provide a personalised materials sourcing advice for those who wish to find repeat yarns for production and or specialist materials. We have a library of yarn cards available to browse and are able to liaise with the appropriate mills for you to ensure you find what you need.

1-1 KNIT LESSONS - Please contact us via email for information on our 1-1 knitting classes.